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Saturday, March 12, 2011

hey teddies,i LOVE u.

i went to Mid Valley yesterday,came along with me were Lisa and Fatin.

we ate our lunch at Carl's jr.we ordered eachself a very HUGE burger to eat.suits well for those hungry people,like us,i guess.Lisa was the 1st one who finished up her meal.she's got a plastic stomach.seriously. :)

after that,we when for a walk,wth.for sure we went for some Jusco,i found a cardi,only MYR19.who could resist?LOL.a fine white it.

then,we watched 127hours.played by James Franco.a play about Aaron Ralston who stucked his hand with a stone in the Blue John of Grand Canyon.which terrified me and Lisa the most,was the part where he broke his arm and hardly struggle to get himself out.(tangan dia putus ok.putus sebab batu.damn u batu belah batu bertangkup.)

**ape bosan sangat aku cerita ni?

well,the main point of going to Mid was to get my precious gift from my precious bro who would be flying to Japan very soon.and Japan is still unstable yet.poor u,abg.

i got 2 teddies and a big teddy and a small one teddy.thanks a bunch,big bro!so,could i have one beautiful kimono after this?'s a joke.(gila ke nak pakai kimono kat Malaysia tiba-tiba?haha)


balik malam tadi tiba-tiba terasa nak,i pick up my camera and snap a few pics.

a pic of the left side of my bed and a pic of the right side of my bed.

left side shown,
few teddies were given by my beloved etc etc.LOL.they were given by my big bro,my bestfriend and errr,my ex.hehe.what's the harm of keeping a teddy from ex?it's so cute.hardly to throw it away.

tolong jangan tanya apakah mahkluk yang berwarna pink itu.kerna itu adalah LEMBU bukan b*bi.

right side shown,
a lot of comics.hehe.i do love them,so much more than my calculus books,certainly.aside comics,there's a few novels.and,"budak kampung" of Dato' Lat.hey,i'm a fan.oh please don't laugh.

around 30 something of comics there,if i'm not mistaken.collected from my 1st trisem or foundation.

and these are Mid's souvenir,

oh btw,

after Mid,we went to Alamanda and watched "Beastly".OMG!Alex Pettyfer is damn HOT.if u already watched "I am number four",oh please do remember the number four.he's Alex Pettyfer.

just in case if u don't know him,

and he is Alex Pettyfer


p/s : all these pictures (except Alex) were actually taken for Tambi.he's the 1st one who saw these pictures and said,"apa banyak sangat binatang-binatang atas katil tu?"terima kasih la Tambi.but i really do love them so much.jadi,bila awak nak bagi satu?


RastaMat said...

makhluk pink tu??

iemaZAIMAH said...

just shut up please.malam tadi xmo tnye pun.gedik.

Iskandar Shah said...

heheh! comel lah teddy tu..
nak balik ah.. hahahaha!

iemaZAIMAH said...

iskandar shah,
abg jgn nr cari pasaiii.buang teddy tu bru tw.

Lisa fazrina said...

ahahaha..hav a nice holiday yesterday..
ko pown ttup muka gak yer mser tgan dyer kena ptong..ahahaha

cEro said...

aku hidu keseronokan di situ..hahaha

:: cekodod :: said...

gila ayam hari dye..patut la esok nya da xkeluar..yg pink tu over tau