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Monday, February 1, 2010

tagged by lil sis lil0

1. what are you listening now?
- here we g0 again-lady gaga(sbb aq tgh bukak pr0file ms aq)

2. what are the two last digit number of your phone number?
- 44(cun x?haha!)

3. if you were a crayon what colour could you be?
- red?c0z i l0ve red!haha

4. who was the last person you talked on the phone?
-sheikh shafeeq..smlm dye k0l sbb dh nk kene pulang f0n(plkn beb)

5. the first thing you notice bout the opposite sex?
-their cl0th!kalau selekeh sumpah xm0 ckp dgn dye0wg

6. fav type of food ?
-i eat everything..hak3!

7. what colour are you eyes ?
-dark br0wn..very dark one =))

8. do you wear eye contacts?
-glasses of c0z..

9. single?
-certainly..isn't that pathetic?=(

10. fav months?
-april!obvi0usly its my bday n my parents anniversary

11. last movie did you watch ?
-alvin n the chipmunk 2(tgk dgn daus 2 org je..haha!)

12. fav day of the weeks ?
- weekends sbb parents xkeje..huhu

13. are you too shy to ask someone out?
-pard0n me..shy?wats dat?=D

14. what books are you reading ?
- c0mic pliz..hehe

15. left handed or right handed ?
- lefthanded

16. how many pillows you sleep with ?
- one f0r head n one f0r hug =)

17. are you missing someone ?
- i miss everyone =))

18. whos the person you want to give this thing ?
-my br0
-n everyone wh0 read this!(spe2 yg belum wat lg)

#pesanan khas,buat k semua check bl0g k0rg nnt..haha!=P

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