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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sorry,i couldn't remember it well

that day,
my eyes caught your glimpse,
i still can remember well,
my heart saying,

"he's the one"

my heart was unlocked by you,
it serves you well,it treats you well,
and then you're the one who broke it as well,
so it's well decided to be lock again,
and the key was thrown away,
far into the bushes along the street,

its heals throughout times,
a very long inconvenient period,
watching her always be by your side,
and i keep comforting myself,

and then,
he's come to me,

confessing,showing and offering the love,


"i'm sorry,i couldn't remember well where did the keys goes..maybe it's gone forever"

to unlock it again it might take time,
it's when,i need a husband not a boyfriend.

lama lagi la weyh :)
sorry :)

hey,jangan percaya apa-apa yang aku tulis,entah esok atau lusa mungkin aku kapel lagi nanti korang mengamuk pulak :)


maCy said...

tOo nice dear :D

nawal said...


iemaZAIMAH said...

nice huh?kite pnh rse same2 kn macy?hehe

awat?awat?awat? (muke buat2 tak faham)