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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the feeling just wasn't right

time:1.30am/9 june

mood:flying higher than before

if u just could hear my soul screaming
if u just could see my mind running
if everything could possibly laying out there
u would know how painful i am right now

if there any chances that i could grab
if there any second that could have
if there any spaces that i could spare
i would tell u the truth lies inside

if u could feel my sorrow
if u could hear my misery
if u could read my pain
u would know how twisted i am right now

the feeling wasn't right all along
its tearing my heart into pieces
this feeling wasn't what i need
but its keep coming for me
u wouldn't know how painful i am
alone in the dark without your company

hearing u laughing out loud with them
but not with me
seeing u spending some time with them
but not with me
it's torturing me though inside
even u see me laughing outside


#hmm..latihan ke?taklah..ini hati saya =)
2nd #lagu masih sama seperti di bawah =)


princeduyong said... kena layan bantal ni... :)

iemaZAIMAH said...

ini namenye org nk nges =(

hiro said...

npe ima? dh sedih nk tnggal fmly?

iemaZAIMAH said...

ad org xphm ap yg org nk smpikan..xpe..xyh fhm..