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Saturday, April 3, 2010

maaf,ampun,sorry,forgive me


mood:gloomy than ever

isn't that ironic?ex-debaters wishing a very good MORNING to the panels while actually the interview was in EVENING???my GOD...what a shame...

i was like so nervous and i was not doing well in my,i'm not satisfied with myself..

yes,i'm prepared..but what i did was just not enough for it...there's plenty of peeps out there better than me..

bout TNB?i did do some research..yes i studied bout it..and my fault was, i memorized something that others would memorized it to0..fool zaimah =(

debate thing?reality TV has done more good than harm...easy!i got the 1st oppo speaker..seriously it suppose to be an easy debate...but again...i was mumbling like hell..short of time wasn't the problem..but i was like can't speak fluently and it lo0ks like i was unorganized..

for short,i disappointed with myself...sorry,i need time to recover...after the interview,when i got into the car i was crying like hell...

currently trying to recover myself and trying to forget the past...keep praying for luck and miracle..sorry guys..can't go trough ur blog and so mood for that..i will, after i recover..sorry again


#in SPM 2009 there was a 15th years old boy taking SPM and achieved 15A 1B(if i'm not mistaken) and he got 9A+!it's a total ashamed for me..well,i only got 5A+ while he got 9A+ ,a big diff u know..and he was only 15th that time!


Iskandar Shah said...

ala, jgn la cmtu..
lau ader rezeki uh ader la..
tyme ni la bnyk2 bedoa..
kan adek da usaha...
its ok..
dun cry k and dun be sad too much..
i will be sad too..

pasal budak uh, mybe he is genius guy..
so, not to be ashamed k~
everyone have their own ability..
so, take it as a challange in the future k~

luvly mya said...

iema..jgn sedey2 orait..we still don`t know the result yet right..if ade rezeki insyaAllah ade..just praying for the best result..=)

damn genius that boy.terganggu gugat perasaan ku..haha..semua de kelebihan msing2 kan..=P

Anonymous said...

weyh relax lah!

kau tgk aku tak pergi interview relax je

iema_z said... la abg oi..adeq xnges dh..sob3 =P

mya!thx syg!pndai kan dak tu?kn?kn?cr dye jom..cerah mase depan..haha!

alolololo comelnye shin!klu aq xpegi aq pun cm kau jgk la!cepuk kang!

zaizax said...

see you stat to blame yourself lol dearr

iema_z said...

x2..dh ok dh..hehe

zahidah said...

Ima, chill chill. Love you lahh. =)

iema_z said...

love u to0 syg =)

Iskandar Shah said...

love you three!! ^_^

iema_z said...