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Friday, March 5, 2010

mari kita main kuiz~

time:6.40pm/5 mac


aku bosan..aku main kuiz kt fb..aku dpt ini...

1.what is the initial person who likes you?

He/She is multi-talented and doesn't care what ANYONE has to say 'bout them. Their motto is "Live. Laugh. Love", and they will do anything to keep that motto real.

#sape kau?baik kau ngaku cepat!haha! many people like you?

Everyone likes you
You are a brilliant firend and are super popular. You are friends with everybody and everybody is friends with you!

#good!i like them to0!

3.what perfume are you?

Magnetism by Escada
Many man has fallen into your eyes! You are sexy and independent woman. You like to hang out whit your friends. Your personality is young, but still you're very intelligent and clever woman, who doesn't make lots of mistakes, and if you do, you can laugh to yourself. Your soulmate is someone exiting, different, !!HOT!! and someone who loves adventures. Magnetism could fit to you well. It's strong and sharp, oriental floral fragrance for women launched in 2003. The sexy scent features fresh fruits and leaves with a touch of musk and patchouli. It comes in a striking deep-magenta curved glass bottle. Just 4 you!

#belikan?boleh?terima kasih...

4.are u in love?

u two are caugth between each other you both are there for each other but somtimes you have your doubts . it is possible u 2 will last but there is a chance he/she is cheatin on u or not fully devoted

#ap bnde ni??


cukup2 la..nnt kite main lg ye..mak aku nk gune laptop lak..


Billet-DOux said...

Ak suka rezot yg keempat tuh.
ngam ngan ko.. ehehe..

iema_z said...

apsal lak?

luvly mya said...

boring sangat ke?
N stand for najwa kot..
its me..ahaha

iema_z said...

klu mya,xpe la..yg tu xpyh kuiz pun ima taw..haha!